Monday, 17 May 2010

Diploma interview

It has been some time without posting anything new for the diploma. It was time for some vacations and some re-organizing of my life with the new status "master student waiting evaluation and looking for job". Finally the time has come for the evaluation. On Wednesday is one of the two big days for this diploma. I will have my personal interview with the committee ( 3 people, in my case designers of different fields). The procedure ( as I have already mention in another post) of my school AHO is probably very different compare to other universities all around world. I have first to have a "close" interview with the committee, then one of the members of the committee has to read the thesis in detail, and in two weeks from now I will have a second shorter and "open" presentation, where the committee has to make clarify questions. In that presentation I can defend my thesis in case they have not understand it ( or parts of it), in addition my supervisors and anyone else involved or not in the project is eligible to question or participate and support the project.

For the interview I have to prepare a 15-20 min presentation with the most essential parts of my thesis. As it is not a classical "industrial design" project I have decided to do it in the form of "lecture" aiming to the best understanding first of pedomorphosis in humans and then the extension of pedomorphosis in design. The second "open" presentation will be a short version of the first.

In addition with the whole process, I am going to participate (not with a paper, as I the final paper deadline was the same date with my diploma submission) in the 9th Nordcode seminar in Hiak. I hope to have the chance to speak with some other people on my subject and get after that into serious work for writing a paper out of the diploma.


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