Monday, 17 May 2010

Diploma interview

It has been some time without posting anything new for the diploma. It was time for some vacations and some re-organizing of my life with the new status "master student waiting evaluation and looking for job". Finally the time has come for the evaluation. On Wednesday is one of the two big days for this diploma. I will have my personal interview with the committee ( 3 people, in my case designers of different fields). The procedure ( as I have already mention in another post) of my school AHO is probably very different compare to other universities all around world. I have first to have a "close" interview with the committee, then one of the members of the committee has to read the thesis in detail, and in two weeks from now I will have a second shorter and "open" presentation, where the committee has to make clarify questions. In that presentation I can defend my thesis in case they have not understand it ( or parts of it), in addition my supervisors and anyone else involved or not in the project is eligible to question or participate and support the project.

For the interview I have to prepare a 15-20 min presentation with the most essential parts of my thesis. As it is not a classical "industrial design" project I have decided to do it in the form of "lecture" aiming to the best understanding first of pedomorphosis in humans and then the extension of pedomorphosis in design. The second "open" presentation will be a short version of the first.

In addition with the whole process, I am going to participate (not with a paper, as I the final paper deadline was the same date with my diploma submission) in the 9th Nordcode seminar in Hiak. I hope to have the chance to speak with some other people on my subject and get after that into serious work for writing a paper out of the diploma.


Friday, 26 March 2010

Final diagram and explanation of the thesis

As a last post for this blog before I submit my diploma I would like to present a diagram that I made as an overall explanation of the thesis (in terms of methodology), where one can get a glimpse of what I have done up to now and where the future investigation can be focused.

As for the actual thesis, with findings, diagrams, study cases I will try to reserve the confidentiality status of my school. Though I know that will be really hard. I probably will participate in some design seminars the next months around the time of my evaluation, so I do not know what it will happened. Whether I publish in few days or months, please stay in tune and visit the blog from time to time in case anything new pop-up. Thank you!

Workshop and why I did not use it

Back in September I held a workshop, you can see the following link the details

During the thesis i had to do some slightly changes of the exploration directions. There are few reasons for that with most strong the fact that I had to build first a good base on the biological phenomenon which will allow me to examine in depth further the phenomenon. I tried though to give a number of possible explanations in all the promising exploitative directions but I consciously left outside the main Thesis book the market framework and the historical analysis of the phenomenon.
I consider the workshop related to the market framework and thus it has been left it out. The material though of the workshop will be available to the evaluating committee.


Back to September I did a study trip to Disneyland, Paris. I did not manage to write my experience here, so now few hours before I submit my diploma comes a short post on Disneyland ( they will be couple of late posts today)

In September my supervisor advised me to visit Disneyland, Paris as a part of my thesis. I was lucky because that was coincide with a visit to Paris for a friends' wedding. In the begin I could not see any connections why this visit to Disneyland would be relevant with my thesis, and this thought was in my mind until the moment I entered the park. I was there early in the morning, the moment the park opened its doors and the moment the party began, a party that no one had ever prepared me for. People were hoping, running and screaming, a constant loud music with childish reedy voices, colors sprang up from everywhere , and a scenography that was immediately transferring you in an old American road with view to the pink castle of Sleeping Beauty. The only way to escape one from this hullabaloo was to let himself be part of it. And so I did.

One of the most interesting parts of the park is Fantasyland. The place is distinguished from the rest of the park by the use of colors and signs. The color palette varies from primary bright tones to more festive tones. The signs have used a handmade font referring to childlike writing. The elements of granting roofs, balconies, doors and windows are all designed with a fairy-tale patina. The materials in most of the attractions are original ones and only in places where it demands better durability and efficiency they have fake the original materials.

What I realized in Fantasyland and general in Disneyland, is that there one can find the inner child of himself. I really can argue that place is not direct for children but for adults who are or want to be children themselves. On the other hand I do not forget that this was a personal utopia of Walt Disney. I think that what Walt Disney was apart of a charismatic storyteller (from the 2D with cartoons to 3D with his theme park) was a growing young man. It seems that his capacities of imagination, creativity, playfulness, wonder, explorativeness. sense of humor, enthusiasm, joyfulness, and optimism were high developed. In that sense there are few connections with pedomorphosis in general: one is the theme parks both designed as childlike and designed for the ultimate regression to childhood for the audience, and the second Walt Disney himself as an example of growing young adult.

I finish the post with the most annoying, lovely, fun and famous rides of the park. "It's a small world"

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Last findings-readings

As the thesis is taking its final form I have come up with some very interesting and the same time encouraging (for my own research process) articles. These articles have introduce me to scientific analytic tools that I was seeking for long time ago and I was unable to reach.
The International Journal of Design
gave me a very good insight to analytic tools like Principal Components Analysis and other kind of study measures concerning emotions, responses and products. That also made me evaluate my up to now research findings. The approaches I decided to follow was empirical ones and during the whole process I try to build them as much as scientifically I could. Seeing the articles at Journal of Design, I have a more clear understanding of how I can go further on with my theme. I also figured out that my empirical data and findings I have, even if they have not been analyzed with the assistance of questionnaires, interviews or workshops (as for example many of the articles have used to carry out experiments); still are extremely valuable material and it has been confirmed again and again with my Professors. I just hope that I will in the short future I will be able to carry out the research on that scientific level.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Small cars dominate Geneva show

Small cars dominate Geneva show
By Jorn Madslien
Business reporter, BBC News, Geneva motor show

More than 30 world premieres will be unveiled during the first press day of this year's Geneva motor show.

Small cars will dominate the show as even luxury brands like Audi, Lexus and Aston Martin try to meet growing demand for frugal, fuel efficient cars.

Many electric and hybrid models will be displayed - the fruits of government aid to help carmakers cut emissions.

And on the corporate front, Toyota and GM Europe will outline their plans to recover from recent difficulties.

Meanwhile, Europe's biggest carmaker, Volkswagen, will outline plans to take advantage of trouble elsewhere in the industry as it pursues ambitions to overtake Toyota as the world's largest carmaker by 2018.

Story from BBC NEWS:

I just wonder how these small cars will look :D

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Making things clear and concrete.

During the last period I was feeling somehow a little confused. The reason was that during these months many things (theories, approaches, concepts) poped-up and I did not know how to connect them all together. In the first stage I have used extensively the pedomorphosis in it's biological and anthropological form. In a second level I have brought the emotional design discussion. And last (something i constantly avoided up to that moment, because of their extension and depth) the semiotics. Still the latest field I will simply applied partly and only as possible future investigations.
Yesterday I had a meeting with a beloved friend of me, who is studying linguistics. She managed through our argumentation to make me see what is what and where possible all come together (at least for the submission of my master). I am really grateful for that meeting. The last part now is only to put it down as concrete as I can and just give a great step for argumentation on childlike products.

*cross fingers*

Ps: i know that through this blog probably things look like a mess. The reason is that I have use this blog as kind of report on what I am doing. My schools regulations and the way the sensors judge the diplomas, most of the times demands a presentation of our process. There is also another problem that has appear the last semester, when actually AHO had to face the candidates blogging and the existence regulation of confidentiality of the diplomas up to the evaluation (something on which I do not want to take public position but I will try to follow it as much as I can). So for anyone who is really following the whole project and has problem to understand things or thinks that I lack coherent and I just throw ideas, please contact me. As for the findings I will try to give a glimpse of where the whole project has go in the near future.